Multidisciplinary designer and art director based in NYC ︎︎︎ LA ︎︎︎ Seoul focused on brand identity, brand expression, spacial and exhibition design, art direction and digital product experiences.

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    The Met
    Base Design


︎︎︎Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA 2019

    School of Visual Arts 2015

Nike Mother's Day 23
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Narrative, Campaign Identity, Digital Touchpoints, Product Design

Client — Nike
Team — Nike NA CDS
Photographer — Vanessa Granda
Set Design — Lauren Nikrooz
Styling — Dione Davis
Narrative — Rachel Kash
Role — Creative Direction & Art Direction Lead

Being a mom requires pacing, perseverance, commitment, and drive. For Mother’s Day 2023 our Mom’s All That creative showcases the dimensionality and victorious spirit of one mom, Nike WNBA Athlete, Napheesa Collier, to show how ALL moms are winning, every day. Warm, elevated photography exuding a “can’t-stop-me-confidence” and showing the multidimensionality of mom. Napheesa’s daughter, Mila, is in our Press Conference setting. We also feature Mila and Napheesa’s mother, Sarah, in our Tunnel Walk setting. Styling of outfits played off the attitude of our location settings. The campaign messaging sets the tone and used to inspire copy direction for channel activation. Examples of how we will pivot copy to be channel right per activation sends can be seen in WIP Comps. Graphic Treatment: We intentionally chose a bold typeface to visually level the playing field in this women's-led consumer moment. The graphic treatment + imagery + messaging all come together in a strong Nike right way.