Multidisciplinary designer and art director based in NYC ︎︎︎ LA ︎︎︎ Seoul focused on brand identity, brand expression, spacial and exhibition design, art direction and digital product experiences.

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    The Met
    Base Design


︎︎︎Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA 2019

    School of Visual Arts 2015

La Bouquet
Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity,
Art Direction, Packaging, Social, Website, Guideline

Client — SiYeon
Motion — Sohyun Park
Role — Creative Director, Art Director, Designer

La Bouquet is a feminine fragrance and cosmetics brand that evokes unforgettable memories through the scents it offers. The main fragrance recommended by La Bouquet is one that conjures the feeling of experiencing the fresh scent of a bouquet of flowers through the layering of floral notes.

The name "La Bouquet" is derived from the word "bouquet," which means a bundle of flowers, and the feminine article "La" has been added to create a unique and elegant name. The typography used in the branding and packaging design resembles quick handwritten strokes, evoking emotions and memories, while the black and white color scheme, along with the appropriate white space, adds a poetic touch.

The photo art direction for La Bouquet emphasizes an emotional and cinematic feel, making it seem as though you're pausing a moment in your memories like a scene from a movie, rather than directly capturing the ingredients of the fragrance.


The extended categories include skin care and cosmetics.