Multidisciplinary designer and art director based in NYC ︎︎︎ LA ︎︎︎ Seoul focused on brand identity, brand expression, spacial and exhibition design, art direction and digital product experiences.

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    The Met
    Base Design


︎︎︎Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA 2019

    School of Visual Arts 2015

La Bouquet
Strategy, Naming, Brand Identity,
Art Direction, Packaging, Social, Website, Guideline

Client — SiYeon
Motion — Sohyun Park
Role — Creative Director, Art Director, Designer

La Bouquet is a feminine fragrance and cosmetics brand that evokes unforgettable memories through the scents it offers. The main fragrance recommended by La Bouquet is one that conjures the feeling of experiencing the fresh scent of a bouquet of flowers through the layering of floral notes.

The name "La Bouquet" is derived from the word "bouquet," which means a bundle of flowers, and the feminine article "La" has been added to create a unique and elegant name. The typography used in the branding and packaging design resembles quick handwritten strokes, evoking emotions and memories, while the black and white color scheme, along with the appropriate white space, adds a poetic touch.

The photo art direction for La Bouquet emphasizes an emotional and cinematic feel, making it seem as though you're pausing a moment in your memories like a scene from a movie, rather than directly capturing the ingredients of the fragrance.


The extended categories include skin care and cosmetics.

The Seaport
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Naming, Campaign, Website, Social

Client — Howard Hughes
Team — 2x4
Photographer — Don Stahl
Role — Senior Design Lead

As one of the earliest ports in New York and a cornerstone of the city’s history, the Seaport neighborhood has evolved from a hub of trade to a cultural and commercial destination. Looking to reinvigorate the neighborhood, Howard Hughes Corporation partnered with us to reframe the Seaport in the minds of New Yorkers and visitors. We developed a new brand strategy, naming, visual expression, and brand voice as well as a citywide and social media campaign. Our campaign captures an irreverent New York tone and sensibility, through the tagline to “Get Lost. Find New York.” The custom typeface we designed is accented by playful iconography that embodies the eclectic and vibrant character of New York City streets and and the historic nature of the Seaport.

Tin Building

Campaign, Art Direction, Creative Direction

Client — Tin Building, Jean Georges
Team — 2x4 & Sunny Chen
Photographer — Suzanne Saroff
Role — Senior Design Lead

The Tin Building is a vibrant, eclectic marketplace housing three upscale restaurants and a multitude of market, retail, and casual dining experiences curated by Jean Georges. With a group of diverse partners, 2x4 clarified the organization’s core brand tenets through a comprehensive brand strategy, spanning messaging, communications, and audiences.


andSons Chocolatiers

Brand Identity, Illustration, Custom Packaging Design

Client — andSons
Team — Base Design
Role — Design Lead

Traditional Novelties From Beverly Hills C.A.

Rooted in a deep understanding of French pastrytraditions, driven by invention and crafted for people with the warmth of Los Angeles California, the vision is to be a game changer in the stale/classic world of fine chocolate.

We created a timeless & iconic brand and a set of high end & collectible packaging that proactively play on the brand’s inherent tensions: Traditional & Contemporary, Respectful & Inventive, Refined & Generous, Masterful & Personal, Luxurious & Surprising.


Nike Mother's Day 23
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Narrative, Campaign Identity, Digital Touchpoints, Product Design

Client — Nike
Team — Nike NA CDS
Photographer — Vanessa Granda
Set Design — Lauren Nikrooz
Styling — Dione Davis
Narrative — Rachel Kash
Role — Creative Direction & Art Direction Lead

Being a mom requires pacing, perseverance, commitment, and drive. For Mother’s Day 2023 our Mom’s All That creative showcases the dimensionality and victorious spirit of one mom, Nike WNBA Athlete, Napheesa Collier, to show how ALL moms are winning, every day. Warm, elevated photography exuding a “can’t-stop-me-confidence” and showing the multidimensionality of mom. Napheesa’s daughter, Mila, is in our Press Conference setting. We also feature Mila and Napheesa’s mother, Sarah, in our Tunnel Walk setting. Styling of outfits played off the attitude of our location settings. The campaign messaging sets the tone and used to inspire copy direction for channel activation. Examples of how we will pivot copy to be channel right per activation sends can be seen in WIP Comps. Graphic Treatment: We intentionally chose a bold typeface to visually level the playing field in this women's-led consumer moment. The graphic treatment + imagery + messaging all come together in a strong Nike right way.